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emacs develock customization for Python

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This has been annoying me for some time: develock mode doesn’t support Python out of the box.  I had a hacked-up develock where I simply changed all references of Ruby (via string-replace) to Python, and things worked pretty well…but I had to constantly load my hacked up develock.

Well, I finally got around to customizing develock properly post-facto, I think.  Rejoice, fellow whitespace pedants.  Here’s the snippet:

;; develock-py.el
;; Made by Daniel Farina
;; Login   <>
;; Started on  Sun Feb 14 09:21:21 2010 Daniel Farina
;; Last update Sun Feb 14 09:27:12 2010 Daniel Farina

(require 'develock)

(defcustom develock-python-font-lock-keywords
 '(;; a long line
 (1 'develock-long-line-1 t)
 (2 'develock-long-line-2 t))
 ;; long spaces
 (1 'develock-whitespace-2)
 (2 'develock-whitespace-3 nil t))
 ;; trailing whitespace
 ("[^\t\n ]\\([\t ]+\\)$"
 (1 'develock-whitespace-1 t))
 ;; spaces before tabs
 ("\\( +\\)\\(\t+\\)"
 (1 'develock-whitespace-1 t)
 (2 'develock-whitespace-2 t))
 ;; tab space tab
 ("\\(\t\\) \t"
 (1 'develock-whitespace-2 append))
 ;; only tabs or spaces in the line
 ("^[\t ]+$"
 (0 'develock-whitespace-2 append))
 ;; reachable E-mail addresses
 (0 'develock-reachable-mail-address t))
 ;; things to be paid attention
 (0 'develock-attention t)))
 "Extraordinary level highlighting for the Python mode."
 :type develock-keywords-custom-type
 :set 'develock-keywords-custom-set
 :group 'develock
 :group 'font-lock)

(defvar python-font-lock-keywords-x nil
 "Extraordinary level font-lock keywords for the Python mode.")

(setq develock-keywords-alist
 (cons '(python-mode

(plist-put develock-max-column-plist 'python-mode 79)

This text is made available under the license CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).


Written by fdr

February 14, 2010 at 9:53 am

Posted in lisp, python

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