Metalinguistic Abstraction

Computer Languages, Programming, and Free Software


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Lacking any way to categorize and store all of my stories, opinions, and delusions was the impetus for starting this blog. With luck, it may be useful to someone else, someday. My ideal scenario is that it can play some small part in the authorship of a great program, tool, or paper by myself or someone else.

The blog takes its name from a recurrent topic in the famous book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. I was going to name it after some random-process-related-thing such as “Markov Chain” or similar, but then decided that blog names that allude to randomness were in too high abundance and decided “Metalingustic Abstraction” was more unique and accurately describes at least some of my interests.

If you want to contact me personally feel free to email At this point I’ve given into the fact that I am going to get spam (and do in fact get lots of it that is screened out) regardless of how careful I am with my address just from brute-forced address discovery.


Written by fdr

June 27, 2007 at 8:38 am

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