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emacs develock customization for Python

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This has been annoying me for some time: develock mode doesn’t support Python out of the box.  I had a hacked-up develock where I simply changed all references of Ruby (via string-replace) to Python, and things worked pretty well…but I had to constantly load my hacked up develock.

Well, I finally got around to customizing develock properly post-facto, I think.  Rejoice, fellow whitespace pedants.  Here’s the snippet:

;; develock-py.el
;; Made by Daniel Farina
;; Login   <>
;; Started on  Sun Feb 14 09:21:21 2010 Daniel Farina
;; Last update Sun Feb 14 09:27:12 2010 Daniel Farina

(require 'develock)

(defcustom develock-python-font-lock-keywords
 '(;; a long line
 (1 'develock-long-line-1 t)
 (2 'develock-long-line-2 t))
 ;; long spaces
 (1 'develock-whitespace-2)
 (2 'develock-whitespace-3 nil t))
 ;; trailing whitespace
 ("[^\t\n ]\\([\t ]+\\)$"
 (1 'develock-whitespace-1 t))
 ;; spaces before tabs
 ("\\( +\\)\\(\t+\\)"
 (1 'develock-whitespace-1 t)
 (2 'develock-whitespace-2 t))
 ;; tab space tab
 ("\\(\t\\) \t"
 (1 'develock-whitespace-2 append))
 ;; only tabs or spaces in the line
 ("^[\t ]+$"
 (0 'develock-whitespace-2 append))
 ;; reachable E-mail addresses
 (0 'develock-reachable-mail-address t))
 ;; things to be paid attention
 (0 'develock-attention t)))
 "Extraordinary level highlighting for the Python mode."
 :type develock-keywords-custom-type
 :set 'develock-keywords-custom-set
 :group 'develock
 :group 'font-lock)

(defvar python-font-lock-keywords-x nil
 "Extraordinary level font-lock keywords for the Python mode.")

(setq develock-keywords-alist
 (cons '(python-mode

(plist-put develock-max-column-plist 'python-mode 79)

This text is made available under the license CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).


Written by fdr

February 14, 2010 at 9:53 am

Posted in lisp, python

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  1. […] it a very long time. Unfortunately python isn’t supported out of the box, but no worries, someone has done the work already. So all you have to do is something along the lines […]

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