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Why did I start this thing anyway?

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Great. Another blog, just what the world needed. I have been persuaded to start this syndication partially because I have been stumbling across so many interesting things in the space of computer programming and computer science and yet have no way to store or search them all and partially for the reasons detailed elsewhere. Although I hope I will be able to avoid a job search altogether and always have a colleague with an interesting workplace that they can refer me to I figure simply putting my thoughts down for documentation couldn’t hurt. I may have gotten lucky finding an interesting job out of the gate from Berkeley, but one should never count on luck all the time…

I also figured that it would be possible, if improbable, that someone else may be able to use my writings.

And so, let us take this forward…


Written by fdr

June 27, 2007 at 8:38 am

Posted in meta-blogging

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